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Blueberry Photography




                             "I have fallen in love all over again."

 This is what a new Mum said to me as her eyes welled with tears when she saw the  images of her beautiful new baby.

THIS is the reason I love my job.(and all the newborn cuddles)

These important first days are fleeting and can never be captured again.


Here,s a little about me and my little business.

My newborn photography adventure started about 7 years ago,when after phoning GFP babies nearly every day for a month until I finally landed a job as a hospital newborn photographer.

My gorgeous boss taught me so much about photographing babies (its a bit different to photographing weddings and children which I had years of experience doing).The midwives I met at the hospitals were also wonderful,showing me great handling and soothing techniques. I absolutely loved my job.

Then my granddaughter was born. I spent 8 months planning her photoshoot with a few props, hats and headbands.She was just perfect for her shoot and I was in my element.      I had finally found my passion.

Creating Newborn Art!

I absolutely love creating newborn art for my clients but I totally understand that the classic images are also an essential part of a newborn gallery.

After about 2 years working my day job at GFP and then coming home to photograph my own clients babies,I decided to give up my day job and concentrate on my own little business.I am very lucky that my husband and family are an amazing support to me and my work. Often being dragged into the studio to help me try out some crazy idea that I just had to try because it kept me awake all night setting it up in my head.

Im so thankful to all  of my beautiful clients for choosing and trusting me to photograph their brand new babes and families,and allowing me to capture these wonderful memories for them.

Over this time our spare room has slowly filled with beautiful props,sourced from all over the world.Our little studio is perfect for newborns  to 1 year olds and their little families. We have an adjoining sitting room for family's with toddlers who are more than welcome to pop their little heads in for a photo with their new baby brother or sister .

I also encourage Mums and Dads to be involved in these everlasting memories for their children. The privacy of the studio also allows me to capture those beautiful baby bumps with lovely intimate images of this amazing time of you life.

I would be honored to be your photographer .



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